Cathy D’Arcy Suffolk Ceramic Artist

Suffolk has very Large artistic community and Cathy D'Arcy has her studio in Sudbury.

Cathy has this to say about her work:

"I am a ceramic artist working from my studio in Suffolk. I work on the wheel throwing white earthenware clay to make domestic ware that i decorate with bright colours and patterns. I also work in porcelain making fine thrown decorative wall disks and vessels with black and white decoration.

When my hands get tired from throwing I turn to handbuilding and create figures and animals that come straight out of my imagination and make me want to laugh as I make them. I work in earthstone clay and decorate them in various ways such as engobes, underglaze colours or different types of glazes and firings.

Much of my childhood was spent in East Africa and Kuwait and I have translated this experience in a personal, creative and contemporary statement in my work."

cathy darcy animals

Find out more on Cathy's website:



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